Company NameWells Fargo & Co/mn
Fiscal PeriodQ4 2015
Total Wells Fargo stockholders' equity193132000000View
Wells Fargo & Co/mn
Company NameWells Fargo & Co/mn
Fiscal PeriodFY 2014
0010 - Statement - Balance Sheet
Common stock – $1-2/3 par value, authorized 9,000,000,000 shares; issued 5,481,811,474 shares and 5,481,811,474 shares9136000000View
Preferred stock19213000000View
Additional paid-in capital60537000000View
Retained earnings107040000000View
Cumulative other comprehensive income|Cumulative other comprehensive income, Ending Balance|Cumulative other comprehensive income, Beginning Balance3518000000View
Treasury stock – 311,462,276 shares and 224,648,769 shares13690000000View
Unearned ESOP shares1360000000View