Company NameWells Fargo & Co/mn
Fiscal PeriodQ4 2015
Total interest income12643000000View
Net interest income11588000000View
Net gains from equity investments423000000View
Mortgage banking1660000000View
Trust and investment fees3511000000View
Other fees1040000000View
Service charges on deposit accounts1329000000View
Total noninterest income9998000000View
Net gains from trading activities99000000View
Net interest income after provision for credit losses10757000000View
Provision for credit losses831000000View
Lease income145000000View
Total interest expense1055000000View
Other interest expense88000000View
Card fees966000000View
Net gains on debt securities346000000View
Company NameWells Fargo & Co/mn
Fiscal PeriodQ4 2014
Total interest income12183000000View
Net interest income11180000000View
Net gains from equity investments372000000View
Mortgage banking1515000000View
Trust and investment fees3705000000View
Other fees1124000000View
Service charges on deposit accounts1241000000View
Total noninterest income10263000000View
Net gains from trading activities179000000View
Net interest income after provision for credit losses10695000000View
Provision for credit losses485000000View
Lease income127000000View
Total interest expense1003000000View
Other interest expense96000000View
Card fees925000000View
Net gains on debt securities186000000View