Company NameWells Fargo & Co/mn
Fiscal PeriodQ4 2015
Total assets1787632000000View
Wells Fargo & Co/mn
Company NameWells Fargo & Co/mn
Fiscal PeriodFY 2014
0010 - Statement - Balance Sheet
Cash and due from banks at end of year|Cash and due from banks at beginning of year|Cash|Cash and due from banks19571000000View
Trading assets78255000000View
Held-to-maturity, at cost (fair value $56,359 and $12,247)|Amortized Cost|Cost, held-to-maturity securities55483000000View
Available-for-sale, at fair value257442000000View
Federal funds sold, securities purchased under resale agreements and other short-term investments|Total258429000000View
Loans|Loans (includes $5,788 and $5,995 carried at fair value)862551000000View
Allowance for loan losses12319000000View
Net book value, premises and equipment|Premises and equipment, net8743000000View
Goodwill, Ending Balance (suppressed)|Goodwill, Beginning Balance|Goodwill25705000000View
Fair value, end of year|Mortgage servicing rights|Fair value, beginning of year|Measured at fair value12738000000View
Amortized|Amortized MSRs, net1242000000View
Mortgages held for sale|Mortgages held for sale (includes $15,565 and $13,879 carried at fair value)19536000000View
Loans held for sale (includes $1 and $1 carried at fair value)|Loans held for sale722000000View
Other assets (includes $2,512 and $1,386 carried at fair value)|Total other assets99057000000View