Company NameBanner Corp
Fiscal PeriodQ4 2016
Total liabilities8487958000View
Banner Corp
Company NameBanner Corp
Fiscal PeriodFY 2015
0010 - Statement - Balance Sheet
Interest-bearing certificates|Total certificates of deposit1353870000View
Interest-bearing transaction and savings accounts4081580000View
Advances from FHLB at fair value|Total FHLB advances, carried at fair value133381000View
Deferred compensation|Deferred compensation liability40474000View
Accrued expenses and other liabilities76511000View
Junior subordinated debentures at fair value|Junior subordinated debentures at fair value (issued in connection with Trust Preferred Securities)92480000View
Other borrowings|Total year-end outstanding|Funds Borrowed Against Current Borrowing Capacity98325000View